Communications Workers of America Local 4324

CWA Local 4324
1526 Bluff Street
Zanesville, Ohio 43701

President-Chad Clark

Executive Vice President-Barrett Tamasovich

Secretary/Treasurer-Kyle Ogilbee

Area VP-Steve Myers
(740 East)

Area VP-Bill Lamb
(419 Outstate)

Area VP-Kevin Kenily
(740 Southern Downstate)

Area VP-Shannan McWilliams
(740 East Outstate)

Area VP-Rick Landthorn

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HRAs and Success Sharing

We continue to have some confusion in the field over how Success Sharing works, when it starts and what exactly happens to payable dollars.  Understandable since this is all new for us.
Each year the Success Sharing Plan year begins October 1 - September 30.
It began October 1, 2009 under this current contract.  (TPA/TPAP expired with the 2004 contract).

IF Success Share pays out; ALL Members will have their payout deposited into an HRA Account (Healthcare Reimbursement Account) regardless of which Medical Plan they chose.

If the member already has an existing HRA account; the deposit will go into that account.

If there is no existing HRA account; one will be established on behalf of that member for the deposit.

IF payable; Success Share dollars will be deposited prior to Dec 31.

SHPS (pronounced Ships) is the administrator of the HRA accounts and when/if dollars are deposited; each member will receive an HRA welcome kit from SHPS that will include information on how to access the dollars, websites and how to view their account.  (SHPS has been an administrator here in D-4 for years and relatively successful.  Member response has been positive.)

Remember that unused HRA dollars roll over year to year and to reimburse monthly premiums they must be paid from paychecks on a POST Tax basis.

On 01/11/10 you can log online at to manage your HRA account and download forms.

Go to and under login click on participant/member
User Last Name- your last name
User Participant ID- your SSN
Password - your 8 digit Birthday example 12141970
 Hit Login

Standing Committee's
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Local Bylaws 

Employee Assistance

Workers Compensation




Community Service
Stewards Corner

Johnson Controls Contract
Grievant Statement (must be filled out by grievant prior to filing of any grievance)

Grievance Form

At&t Contract 2015

Midwest Core

Core Wage Tables

Appendix F Wage Tables

Appendix G Wage Tables

Our Stewards

Sandusky- John Harris Chief Steward
Findley    - Shawn Shaw Steward
Tiffin        - Shawn Shaw Steward
Fremont  -  Mark Harris  Steward
C.O.        -  Matt Brill  Steward
Dist Premtechs- Marcus Vasquez

Zanesville -
Coshocton - Jeff Cox Steward
Marietta - Jay Kendall Chief Steward
Gallipolis - Ron Lykins Steward
Ironton - Jeff Frisby Steward
               Mike Boyles Steward

Barnesville- Brandon Bates Steward
                    Jeff Miller  Steward
Stubenville- Shawn Bernert Steward
Bridgeport - George Donley Steward

Washington C.H./London/Lancaster
                     Sean McSeveny Chief Steward  

Newark/ Windstream-  Chief Steward

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